“Size Does Matter”

Eva Longoria's Dream Closet

I still laugh when I think of the reaction I had when these words spewed from from clients mouth. Perfectly coiffed and always tasteful, I couldn’t help but stop dead in my tracks when after discussing what she MUST have in her new home, we came to the topics of Master Bedrooms. She listed her likes, dislikes and ended with: “Oh and Nicholle…Size Does Matter.” I must have smiled uncomfortably, because she quickly said, “Closets. The size of the closet DEFINITELY matters.” We had a long laugh at how the words played out and discussed in length details: must be a walk in, an island would be nice and of course, plenty of room for the shoes and handbags.

As I continue my search for this perfect haven, it made me daydream about every woman’s fantasy. The perfect man? No, perfect is no fun. But the perfect closet? YES! This blog has closets that will make you green with envy and of course the best clip from the movie, Sex In The City. Because as Carrie Bradshaw said, “Don’t get me a diamond, just get me a really big closet…”

Hello Nikki: closet freak.

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