Make your agent work! We are ready to sell YOUR property!

When it comes time to sell your property, you want to make sure that when paying commission to an agent,  you not only get someone who is knowledgeable, who can negotiate the best sales price on your behalf, execute a stress-free transaction from start to finish – BUT will also put their money where their mouth is.  That’s why sometimes, even though your best friend’s-brother’s-uncle may have just got his real estate license, it may not be the best idea to have him stick his brand-new sign on your front lawn and hope it sells.

You listing agent will first and foremost need to price your home juuuuuust right to ensure that in the fist 14 days your phone is ringing off the hook with potential buyers wanting to see your home and really help you capitalize on being the newest property on the market.  RIGHT NOW inventory is LOW and new listings are receiving multiple offers.

Also, how will they market the property?  Open Houses don’t cost money and they are often done so that the agent can pick up new clients.  So if they say, “I will do an Open House every weekend!’.  That’s nice, but where do buyers really start looking and where will they see your property in the best light first?  THE INTERNET!  So this is where you want an agent who believes in your property and is willing to invest their own money, before they have even been paid.  We and other established agents should invest in the following – just like we do for our listings:

  • Professional photos and videos
  • Personalized Property Website
  • Professional Full Color Flyers
  • Internet Marketing
  • Customized Community Marketing

You can see a sample of one of our personalized property websites and brochures at  What do you think?  This could be your listing!

Call us – we can get your home sold and have your moved even before summer’s over!

Jeff Brang, Broker Associate at Podley Properties Glendora Direct; 626.664.9998

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