It’s True – The Market is HOT!

I’m a put-it-in-writing, I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it kind of person.  I like numbers, I like facts, I like charts.  So if you are like me than you will appreciate the graph we’ve put together to show you that the market REALLY is heating up and will keep doing so through these summer months (no pun intended!).

What prompted us to make this graph was the fact that our buyers are finding more competition on their offers and more offers being written closer to or at list price.  So I wanted to really see what was going on in our market as of today.  This chart (using stats for Glendora, San Dimas and La Verne) shows you that properties are moving faster (yeah for sellers!): 80 days on market in December 2011 VS. 63 in April 2012.  Also the amount of inventory is increasing (although we could always use more) and this is a win for buyers – you now have more to chose from.  There were only 274 active listings in December 2011 VS. 386 in May 2012.

So these stats combined with low interest rates, really are finding a swift swing in the market that we started feeling in March of this year.

The Brang Team prides ourselves on knowing our areas, their stats and being educated for both our buyers and sellers.  How can we educate you and help you with your next real estate transaction?  Call us today!

Jeff Brang, Broker Associate with Podley Properties 626.664.9998

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